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who we are and what we do

As a Digital Brand Agency, We make your brand  achieve high awareness, engagement ratio and  positive communication through all channels.

Our aim is to make your brand stand out from the crowd and lead the market through creative and executable ideas.

Sinfu | Account Manager

There’s nothing in this world that stronger than love and dreams which gives me hope,  strength, and courage to do extraordinary things with my creatively team in ADSHOUSE.

Inneke AW | Senior Account

30% of creativity comes from experimenting, imaging the scene, taking risks, making mistakes, while the others 70% comes from enjoying and having fun with it. So, lets work with us and having fun.

Fairisqian B | Content Creator

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but your creativity. I’m passionate about making a difference touch of words and one kind of things can change someone entire’s day with us”.

Tri Y Purnama | Design & Art

Design creates culture, culture shapes values, and values determine the future.

Amanda F | Marketing Support

Let’s have some fun in Digital Creativity.